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Solid Aluminium Panels
Solid Aluminium Panel

Model: Solid Panel
Panel width: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 2000mm or customized widths.
Panel length: 2440mm or cut to size
Panel thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
Alloy: AA1100, AA3003
Coating: Powder coating or liquid paint
Perforation: Perforation is available
Fabrication: Fabricated as per drawing
Product Description

Bolliya Solid Aluminium Panel

What is Bolliya Solid Aluminium Panel?

Bolliya solid aluminium panel is a prefabricated panel that is consisted of just one single layer of aluminium, it's 100% aluminium. 

solid aluminium panel fabrication

Features of Bolliya Solid Aluminium Panel:

1. Prefabricated panel. We provide fabrication service for this type of solid aluminium panel as per customer's shop drawing. Installers just need to install as per the serial number, easy and fast.

2. Non-combustible. Solid aluminium panel is fully made of aluminium and it won't catch fire, suitable to be used for high rise building and almost all countries can accept it as building cladding materials.

3. Possibilities of various designs. Solid aluminium can be punched, fold, rolled, welded to creat many differerent designs. Such as different types of perforation, single curved surface, double curved surface, or 3D looks.

4. Recyclable. After the solid aluminium panel is no longer needed, it can be recycled and re-cast into ingots. There won't be impact to mother earth after its service life.

Applications of Bolliya Solid Aluminium Panel:

1. Facade cladding. Shopping mall, convention center, train station, airport, hotel, all these big buildings can be cladded with solid aluminium panels.

2. Ceiling & interior wall. Solid aluminium panel with perforation, combined with proper neon, it would look very good.

solid aluminium panel project

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