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Titanium Zinc Composite Panel

Model: Composite Panel
Panel width: 700, 1000mm or customized widths.
Panel length: 2440mm, 3200mm, 4880mm, 5800mm or cut to size
Panel thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Titanium zinc thickness: 0.5mm, 0.7mm
Core: FR B1 core or FR A2 core
Treatment: Preweathered Zinc
Colors: Blue Grey or Graphite Grey
Product Description

Bolliya Titanium Zinc Composite Panel:

What is Titanium Zinc Composite Panel:

Bolliya Titanium zinc composite panel is a sandwich panel that is consisted of two titanium zinc sheets bonded to a mineral filled fire retardant core through a continuous extruding and laminating process. The bottom sheet of the zinc composite panel can be aluminium instead in order to achieve a lower cost. Our titanium zinc coil is imported from Rheinzink company Germany, a high quality zinc coil. Titanium zinc alloy is better in rigidity and durability than normal zinc alloy. The color of Ti-zinc turns different color in a natural process as time goes by, while it attains great quality of anti corrosion and self-healing characteristics.

Titanium-Zinc Composite Panels are available in below 2 colors:

Preweathered Blue Grey:

blue grey titanium zinc composite panel


Preweathered Graphite Grey:


Features of Titanium Zinc Composite Panel:

1. Self-healing property. Any slight scratch on titanium zinc surface caused by installation, fabrication or during transportation will gradually disappear, because as time goes by, zinc will be reacting to humidity and air to form a layer of zinc hydroxide, and this weathering layer will cover the scratch. Zinc composite panel keeps this original amazing feature of what solid titanium zinc has.

2. Titanium zinc composite panel is lighter in weight & lower cost when comparing to solid titanium zinc panel at the same thickness.

3. Titanium zinc composite panel has more panel rigidity and strength, the panel surface is very flat and won't have oil canning problem like what solid zinc panels will have.

4. Titanium zinc composite panel is easy to fabricate & install, just same way like ACP, unlike solid titanium zinc sheets that have to be installed in a complicated seaming system.

Why choosing Bolliya Titanium Zinc Composite Panel?

1. Bolliya has more than 23 years experience in manufacturing composite panels and we started producing titanium zinc composite panel since 2007. We are experienced enough to produce a high quality and stable quality of zinc composite panel.

2. Bolliya can produce titanium zinc composite panel with FR B1 core or FR A2 core, to meet different fire regulation.

Applications of Titanium Zinc Composite Panel:

Titanium zinc composite panel is used for facade cladding or interior cladding of airports, train stations, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls etc.

Titanium Zinc Composite Panel Project References:

New Jahra Hospital, Kuwait

titanium zinc composite panel project

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