Guangdong Bolliya Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Bolliya Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd


Guangdong Bolliya Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd [New factory: Handa Building Materials (Yingde) Co.,Ltd] was established in year 1997, being as an innovative manufacturer of metal composite panels and honeycomb panels. We have two factory premises, one is located in Shunde Foshan occupying a total area of 11,000 sq.m and the new factory is located in Yingde Qingyuan occupying a total area of 40,000 sq.m. We apply ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 management system in our factories.

Our production facilities include:

3 production lines of aluminium composite panel (direct bonding technology)

3 production lines of honeycomb panel (automatic glue spraying and thermal glue curing pressing machine)

Full set of fabrication tools (CNC machines, punching machine, shearing machine, press brake machine etc).

                  Our product range:

     Composite Panels
    + Aluminium Composite Panel
    + Copper Composite Panel
    + Stainless Steel Composite Panel
    + Titanium Zinc Composite Panel
    + Galvanized Steel Composite Panel
    Honeycomb Panels
    + Aluminium Honeycomb Panel
    + Copper Honeycomb Panel
    + Stainless Steel Honeycomb Panel
    + Galvanized Steel Honeycomb Panel
    + Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel
    + Corrugated Core Aluminium Panel
    Double Sheet Metal Panels
    + Double Sheet Aluminium Panel (Aluminium + Aluminium)
    + Double Sheet Copper Panel (Copper + Aluminium)
    + Double Sheet Stainless Panel (Stainless Steel + Aluminium)
    + Double Sheet Zinc Panel (Titanium Zinc + Aluminium)
    + Double Sheet Steel Panel (Galvanized Steel + Aluminium)

    Our production capacity:
    Metal Composite Panels: 30000sq.m per day
    Honeycomb Panels: 4500sq.m per day

    Our differences comparing to competitors:
    1. Abilities of making high value added products of precious metals such as Copper, Zinc, Stainless Steel, but not just Aluminium.
    2. Fabrication abilities to provide pre-fabrication service on metal composite panels and honeycomb panels, being as a service to customers who are not able to do fabrications by themselves.
    3. High precision production units guarantee the excellent product quality and fast delivery time.
    4. We are strong at making FR products (fire retardant), which is becoming more and more required on composite materials. Full series of tests as per standards from different countries have been made.

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