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Copper Composite Panel

Model: Composite Panel
Panel width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm or customized widths.
Panel length: 2440mm, 3200mm, 4880mm, 5800mm or cut to size
Panel thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Copper skin thickness: 0.3mm, 0.5mm
Alloy: Copper T2, Brass Cu62
Core: FR B1 core or FR A2 core
Surface treatment: Natural Copper, Natural Brass, Pre-oxidized Copper, Patinated Copper
Product Description

Bolliya Copper Composite Panel:

What is Copper Composite Panel?

Bolliya Copper Composite Panel adopts natural copper or natural brass as raw-materials, by laminating 2 copper coils with a mineral filled FR mineral core to make the copper composite panel. Optional we can make just top skin with copper and bottom skin with aluminium to make the cost lower. Copper composite panels keeps the original look of copper but adds more rigidity to the material making it flat and light weighted. Different ingredients such as metal or oxidant make the copper different colors.

Patterns & colors of Copper Composite Panel: 

Copper Composite Panel: The copper content is more than 99% percentage.
Brass Composite Panel: It’s copper alloy with zinc element.
Patina Copper Composite Panel: Patina generally should be revealed after decade exposure to environment, but Bolliya’s partner Nordic from Germany achieve this effect by special pre-weathering technology.  
Brush Copper Composite Panel: Copper composite panel can be milled and forge brush effect, the distinctiveness of milling is to reduce the gloss and reflective rate.    


Copper composite panel can be made into many different types of antique looks, below are some of the references:

copper composite panel colors


Color Evolution of Copper Composite Panel:

Right after cladding, Copper Composite Panels shows a new and fresh copper color. As being gradually exposed to weathering, rain, sunshine, humidity the color of facade changes dynamically in a natural process. The change course is unpredictable and mild subject to specific weathering effect. The major tendency of copper surface change is from glossy shining copper color into dark matte brown color. After years of oxidization, spectaculars patina spots emerge on surface of copper composite panel. Those brilliant green patina spots brings sense of lives to the building, while protect the facade from corrosion eternally. The patina forming process will be determined by building’s location, altitude and longitude. But the major tendency is red copper-brown-patina. 

Patina process of natural Copper Composite Panel through years exposure:


Features of Copper composite panel comparing to solid copper panel:

1. Copper composite panel is much lighter in weight comparing to solid copper panels at the same thickness, at least 50% lighter.

2. Cost wise, copper composite panel is much cheaper comparing to solid copper panels at the same thickness, because it uses less copper. For example, a 4mm thick copper composite panel is made with a 0.3mm or 0.5mm thick copper skin only.

3. Copper composite panel is more rigid and flat, suitable to be used for a installation system that needs less joints. Copper itself is soft, so we generally will see oil canning surface when using a solid copper panel for decoration, but using a copper composite panel we won't see such a problem.

4. Copper composite panel is easy and handy to fabricate and install, just same cassette system like ACP, rather than solid copper panel that will be installed with complicated seaming system. 

Why using Bolliya Copper composite panel?

1. Bolliya is a experienced manufacturer of composite panels for over 23 years, and we started producing copper composite panel since year 2007, we have enough rich and mature manufacturing experience of copper composite panel. Thus our copper composite panel quality is good and stable.

2. Bolliya can make copper composite panel in both FR B1 core & FR A2 core to meet the different fire proof requirements of different projects.

3. Owing to our good cost control & complete supply chain of raw materials in China, we are able to produce copper composite panels at very reasonable price.

Bolliya Copper Composite Panel Project:

American Copper Building in USA
copper composite panel project
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