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Model:Fire Rated Aluminum Composite Panel

BOLLIYA FR Aluminum Composite Panels:


BOLLIYA FR Aluminum Composite Panel is consisted of
2 aluminum sheets bonded to a mineral core which is
fire-resistant (fire retardant). BOLLIYA FR meets
the new European standard of EN13501-1 to
be classified as class B s1 d0 as well as British standard
BS476 parts 6&7 to be classified class 1.


Invention of BOLLIYA FR has significant meaning as nowadays many applications are requiring materials for a higher fire security classification with certified standards, therefore BOLLIYA FR panel fulfills the basic demand of fire safety requirement and meanwhile functions its beauty for those applications.

BOLLIYA Fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panels can be processed and installed exactly same way like BOLLIYA Architectural Aluminum Composite Panels.

With the motivation to provide to the market a more affordable fire-resistant aluminum composite panel, BOLLIYA invested lots of work in upgrading the production facilities and production technology to save production cost, and gladly all hard work get paid and now BOLLIYA FR is with much more competitive cost comparing to competitors.

Download BOLLIYA FR Test Report here  

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