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Model:BOLLIYA Aluminium Core Composite Panel

BOLLIYA Aluminium Core Composite Panel (G2)

BOLLIYA Aluminium Core Composite Panel, in the market is also known as G2 or ACCP, is consisted of two aluminium sheets bonded to a corrugated aluminium core, bonded by adhesion film or two components PU glue. 

Basic information of BOLLIYA Aluminium Core Composite Panel:

Panel width: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1575mm, 2000mm or customized widths.

Panel length: 2440mm or cut to size

Panel thickness: 4mm

Top skin: 0.5mm or 0.7mm 

Bottom skin: 0.5mm

Core: 0.3mm thick corrugated aluminium

Coating: PVDF, FEVE, PE

Why using BOLLIYA Aluminium Core Composite Panel?

1. BOLLIYA Aluminium Core Composite Panel is A2 FR composite panel, can meet the demand of projects that require higher fire safety materials.

2. It comes in same thickness like standard aluminium composite panel, in 4mm thick. And can be fabricated same way and same tools, joined with same framing and same accessories like aluminium composite panel, easy to use.

3. It's much lighter in weight. A 4mm thick aluminium core composite panel is just about 4.5kgs/sq.m, much lighter when comparing to solid aluminium sheet 4mm which is 10.88kgs.

Applications of Bolliya Aluminium Core Composite Panel:

The ACCP is majorly used for facade cladding of high-rise building, airports, train stations, hotels, stadium whereas a A2 FR cladding material is needed.

Test Reports of Bolliya Aluminium Core Composite Panel:

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