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Model:FR A2 Stainless Steel Composite Panel

BOLLIYA A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel:

Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel is a sandwich panel that is made with a mineral filled fire retardant core, that contains more than 90% of non combustible material, and laminated to two sheets of stainless steel. The Bolliya A2 FR stainless steel composite keeps the original properties of stainless steel solid sheet but combines the properties of composite panel, such as: Natural stainless steel original look, different finishes and patterns of stainless steel available, lighter comparing to same thickness of solid stainless steel sheet, good panel flatness, high fire retardant property etc.

A2 FR stainless steel composite panel

Finishes and Patterns of Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel:

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What noncombustible grade can Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel reach?

The Bolliya A2 FR Stainless steel composite can meet EN13501-1 standard to be classified as A2-s1-d0, and BS476 standard part 4, compliance with either of these two standards means the composite panel is deemed as Non Combustible. 

Basic information of Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel:

Panel thickness: 3mm 4mm and 6mm (other thickness please consult us)

Stainless skin thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm

Grade of stainless steel skins: 304 or 316L grade optional, other grades please consult us.

Core: Mineral filled fire retardant core, more than 90% mineral ingredients

Panel width: 1000mm, 1200mm

Panel length: 2440mm, 3200mm, 4880mm, 5800mm or others cut to size

Finishes: Hairlines, Embossed Patterns, Various of PVD coating colors.

Applications of Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel:

The Bolliya® A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel is majorly used for high rise building, shopping mall, metro stations, airport projects etc, at the places where high fire retardant standard has to be met. It's an ideal material to replace the stainless steel solid sheets for the wall cladding purpose, especially for big projects where a very flat surface of wall is required.

Test reports of Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel:


Reference projects of Bolliya A2 FR Stainless Steel Composite Panel:

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