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Study on the performance of Guangdong Benalla metal building materials copper aluminum composite plate
Guangdong Benalla metal building materials copper and aluminum composite plate as a kind of new composite material, with electrical and thermal conductivity, low resistance advantages, but also to ensure the appearance of superiority, but also have aluminum light, corrosion resistance, economic benefits, also has the contact surface of the transition resistance and thermal impedance is low, corrosion resistance, with ductility and formability and good comprehensive role, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, electric power, metallurgical equipment, machinery, automobile, power and life tools, such as. At present, Guangdong Benalla metal building materials in copper and aluminum composite panel production skills to the United States, France, Germany and other less industrial developed countries hold, still belong to patent, there are few reports practice. Japan in composite materials research although late, but the move is sensitive.
1981 Japanese experts to discuss out by cold rolling method will nickel foil covered in aluminum, and the aluminum annealing, and after annealing of copper by cold rolling and annealing after get base interlayer nickel copper aluminum composite materials of complex skills. China's Guangdong Benalla metal building materials, copper and aluminum composite plate with production skills of research and development has just started, the new material produced in domestic is still a blank. Copper and aluminum composite can be selected welding, braze welding, pressure welding welding and lax, and research of Guangdong Benalla metal building materials of copper and aluminum composite plate and lax welding skills, in theory and practice have important significance. This article uses WZ-20 type vacuum quenching furnace made of lap welding of red copper and aluminum, is mainly to study the heat preservation time, heating temperature and applied load and other technical parameters and lax welding of copper and aluminum welding joint function, to optimize the combination of the best lax welding technical parameters.
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