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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturing process of copper composite plate Guangdong Baoliya

Through the research and practice of metal building materials industry experts for years, Guangdong Baoliya metal building materials made many achievements in scientific research in Benalla copper aluminum composite material / copper steel composite material production method, found that each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, today bring you to understand a:
A cold, composite technology: the use of polymer materials (adhesive) to two kinds of metal bonded together.
Its advantages: simple technology, easy mass production
The disadvantage of:
Was not resistant to high temperature, metal between the adhesive (epoxy resin) can not be heated, below 230 degrees off layer.
The uneven glue, briefly appear bubble skin appearance.
The short life, epoxy resin for chemical products, in use after a period of time will be aging, simple layered peeling.
The composite strength low, deep processing products, not the subsequent rolling, bending, stamping and other open
Two, hot rolling technology: two kinds of metal material surface galling, the billet through induction furnace on-line induction heating, and then through the small mill (rolling mill rolling) composite using rolling occurs, the energy conversion, the two kinds of metallic compound together.
The disadvantage of:
The contact intensity is low, can not satisfy the need of conducting
The cannot turn right
Three, copper plating technology: through chemical reaction of metal plating surface treatment implementation! Not the same as the material on the copper plating technology there is not the same, iron copper must pass: chemical oil, electricity from oil, pre nickel or copper, thickened copper sulfate, after treatment.
Disadvantages: stainless steel plating, surface copper thickness 30 M-40 m, can not be used in conductive, easy to damage, easy to repair.
Four, solid-liquid (Jiao Zhu) composite technology (row): to pour the water through the aluminum tube, drawing machine control product standard.
Its advantage is
1 composite package, beautiful appearance, no leakage of aluminum
The production period is short, the product can be a single standard, many store spot.
Its disadvantages
The product 1 condensation shortened it can not be full filled in the mold, a thick layer of eutectic, cannot continue rolling thin strip products form a contrast.
Due to the eutectic layer (eutectic layer Al2O3 is brittle) contact strength is low. The bending angle is more than 2 times the R angle, can not use the traditional copper bar bending technology, prone to cracking of copper layer representation.
4 Casting Technology 150mm, the longest row width 6m, copper layer on the surface of the as cast microstructure, porosity, some mixed tissue defects, uneven thickness of the copper layer, some simple leakage of aluminum surface.

Five, solid solid composite production technology, production: first brass, aluminum rod surface roughening, and then through the drawing machine under tension to aluminum bar and copper composite together, through the mechanical energy into heat, on the convex surface of mosaic type compound together.
It takes a thin copper strip, is generally around 0.3-0.5mm.
Disadvantages: composite strength small, simple copper tube and aluminum rod false contact surface, so the conductivity to reach the national standard.
Six, explosive composite, production technology: it is based on the explosive power between copper plate and aluminum plate of the explosives were detonated by self, speeding up the transformation of a secure detonation, and to a certain speed goes forward, copper detonation products under pressure in the shock wave and
Must point and aluminum bump occurred, resulting in complete contact between the substrate and the composite metallurgy. Explosive composite can reach the anaerobic conditions of composite. Unable to do sheet metal.
1 of this composite high strength composite contact method, not limited to between copper and aluminum, in two or more metal between arbitrary contact
2 wide unlimited, large fluctuations in copper ratio can be adjusted.
1 due to initiation of azimuth and distance, loading method and detonation wave transmission method is not the same, it is easy to cause the composite rate decreased, and very briefly had fused imagery in the interface, it is difficult to reach the rate of composite technology needs and uneven quality of welding to high.
Need testing between 2 Benalla composite board, subsequent welding, milling machine milling punching technology, messy, the cost is very high, can not produce sheet or strip.
Seven, hot melt composite
Production technology: copper and aluminum composite plate selection Benalla semi molten state after rolling composite technology, copper and aluminum in anaerobic conditions, formed by 8000 tons of pressure under rolling, cold rolling, annealing, follow through vacuum cleaning, and other products online cutting processing, real finished metallurgical composite to replace copper - free products and the best special planning.
1 patent technology, composite rate more than 97%, with high strength, high peel strength, high mechanical strength, good flatness, good conductivity, electrical work is recommended
2 good mechanical properties, easy processing; according to user needs can be arbitrary shear, stamping, drilling, flanging, corrosion pattern etc.
3 use a wide range, the use of pure copper strip 80% field can be replaced; decorative work: bronze, copper, copper, copper flower railings, all kinds of copper products such as curtain wall technology. Conductive (T2 +1060 copper aluminum): electronic belt shielding foil, copper and aluminum composite,
The connecting plate, industrial gaskets, low-voltage electrical appliances, transformer, reactor, conductive copper belt; heat conduction: solar collector, water tank, car with hot material, a variety of heat and other tableware!
. disadvantages: large equipment investment, capital flow. Small scale production cost is too high;
There are a lot of Benalla composite plate, they are the main Baoliya compound board is suitable your skills, not all skills are suitable for copper and aluminum composite materials, not all skills suitable for copper steel composite material. Because each method has its advantage and disadvantage, which we need according to product characteristics, characteristics, function plan needs to choose a suitable way to produce.

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