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Five advantages of Guangdong Bolliya Stainless Steel Composite Panels
There're so many advantages to use Guangdong Bolliya stainless steel composite panel.
Hot-rolled stainless steel composite panel geometry can be tailored according to individual, thereby maximizing the utilization of materials to reduce excess inventory losses.
Lightweight design, cost / work volume is reduced
Guangdong Bolliya thickness hot rolled stainless steel composite panel, through the use of high-strength steel, enabling lightweight design reduces weight loss of thin steel design effect of reducing consumption of welding materials, further reducing the cost of the project .
Guangdong Bolliya stainless steel composite panel by the rolling technique, as the world's leading production technology, the production method avoids the smoke, noise, vibration and other hazards, so the traditional manufacturing process compared to prior to the green and more, so hot-rolled stainless steel composite panel of Guangdong Bolliya has become a national focus on the promotion of new material.
Fast production
Hot-rolled stainless steel composite panel of Guangdong Bolliya fast delivery, to ensure the progress of the project, reduce capital occupation.
Excellent performance and stability
Composite rolling industrial continuous production, to avoid some of the factors that affect the bonding strength, such as climate conditions in production, the impact on the product's uneven power, and binding rate to achieve the stability of product quality. By temperature control, controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology, improve the mechanical properties of stainless steel Guangdong Bolliya stainless steel composite panel.
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