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Guangdong Bolliya Copper Composite Panel: The champion of new types of composite materials
Guangdong Bolliya Copper composite panel is a new composite material, not only has the thermal conductivity of copper, low contact resistance and surface appearance and other strengths, but also with light, decay, and economic advantages of aluminum, also has links surface transition resistance and low thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, ductility and formability and good overall performance, can be widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, electrical, metallurgical equipment, machinery, automobiles, power and living appliances.
At present, Guangdong Bolliya Copper composite panel production technology the United States, France, Germany and other industrialized countries hold less, still attributed to patentability, there is little actual coverage. Japanese research in composite materials although late, but it forward quickly. 1981 Scholars Discuss Japanese method of cold-rolled nickel on aluminum foil cover, then the above aluminum annealing, and cold-rolled annealed copper, annealed center after nickel copper and aluminum laminated composites Composite technology. Guangdong Bolliyaof copper composite strip production technology development research has just started, this kind of domestic production of new materials is still a blank.
Copper composite panel can be welding, brazing, welding and other bonding and dispersion, seminars Guangdong Bolliya copper composite panels disperse welding technology, in theory and in practice are important. WZ-20 using vacuum hardening furnace using overlapping soldered copper and aluminum, the first seminar holding time, heating temperature, the impact of copper and aluminum dispersion microstructure and properties of welded joints and other technical parameters of the applied load, in order to optimize its best dispersion parameter combination welding technology.
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