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FRP PP Honeycomb Panels

FRP panel is FRP skin laminated on pp honeycomb both sides, FRP as skin panel on both sides, pp honeycomb as core.


They are composited from high pressure and heating .the features of our FRP pp honeycomb sandwich panels are light weight, high stiffness, sound damping, fire-retardant, quakeproof, insulation, environmental friendly. They are applicable to the apartments and external walls of building and truck body, widely used in boat, wind turbine, sports, tank cover etc.



1) Thermal and electric insulating properties

2) Moisture, fungi and corrosion resistant

3) Heat isolation

4) Excellent dielectric properties

5) Recyclable

6) Light yet strong

7) Conductive grades available

8) Sandwich skins can be melded with the core

9) Small cell sizes at high density configurations

10) Transparent or milky PP is available





3>advertising display

4>transportation as structural material such as hull, deck, bulkhead, tank, canopies and accessories

5>closet, partitions

6> truck body, car roof, and trunk floor.

FRP PP Honeycomb Panels

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