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Rockwool Sandwich Panels

Rockwool Sandwich Panels

Rockwool Sandwich Panels

Width up to 1m, length up to 12mm

Large panel with a high flatness

Depending on the insulation requirements, 50mm, 80mm and 100mm standard thickness optional.

Unique mineral wool vertical foam technology with good insulation properties (as 30 times as concrete)

Optional material: aluminum, steel, copper, and stainless steel

Bidirectional panel system can use the same seam of the horizontal and vertical directions solve the problem of the connection and the window design.

Sizes, shapes, coating and colors can be tailor-made according to customer demand

Provide a complete window, color, shading systems integration design

All installation fasteners are hidden in the building surface, beautiful and avoid cold bridge effect.

The horizontal and vertical directions can be installed; each panel can be moved independently and replaced.



Bollicom takes material structure advantage and combined inorganic materials insulation characteristics perfectly, developed a unique specialty sandwich wall panel system. It uses two layers of aluminum ally plate as the front and back panels, laminated a layer of high density rock wool sandwich in the middle. It is satisfying with robust, modern exterior walls to meet the comprehensive requirements of aesthetics, environmental protection, energy conservation, fire prevention, and is widely used in public facilities, plant wall materials, modular cold storage building etc.



Performance: the curtain wall system integrates temperature, fireproof and acoustic performance

Economic: durable, simple to install, easy to maintain

Environmental protection: does not contain substances harmful to the environment, the aluminum alloy can be 100% recycling

Design: shape, corners, seams and doors and windows integration can be tailor-made, great design for free space.

Rockwool Sandwich Panels

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