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BOLLICOPPER Copper Composite Materials / Brass Composite Panels

BOLLICOPPER Copper Composite Panels / Copper Composite Materials

Product Name:  Copper Composite Panels / Copper Composite Materials

Applications: Facade Cladding, Interior Wall decoration

Details: This Copper Composite Material is composed of 2 copper sheets bonded to a LDPE core (or FR core), the form is just like a sandwich. It's like weighted, high panel strength, easy to process and fabricate, lower cost when comparing to solid copper panels. 

Below are patterns of Copper Composite Materials:

Copper Composite MaterialsBrass Composite MaterialsCopper Composite PanelsCopper panels for claddingCopper Cladding PanelsPatina Copper Panels

Copper is a natural material, it will gradually be oxidized as time goes by:

Copper Patina

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